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We test each site after bio cleanup to ensure a clean and safe environment. We board up windows to prevent unauthorized entry and we have training in law enforcement.

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Unfortunate tragedies befall us all, death being the ultimate tragedy. Surviving family members may be distraught, and many times don't know who to call.

100% Compliance

We deal directly with your insurance company. In most cases, you pay nothing out of pocket. We also comply with OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards. We're IICRC certified in Odor Control and we're Environmental Protection Agency certified Lead Renovators.

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We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're local and can respond quickly to your needs.


CrimeTech Services provides homicide cleanup services in Colorado following a violent crime or homicide in your home, business or vehicle. We are usually the second out to a scene, after the coroner, law enforcement or first responders. Call us at (719) 201-2726.

Homicide Cleanup Services

When faced with a violent crime or homicide there is usually a considerable amount of shock, once it wears off most people will experience a sense of overwhelm at the realization that they are left to deal with the homicide cleanup or crime scene cleanup on their own. Most do not realize that is not the responsibility of law enforcement or the city to clean up after a murder or other crime. CrimeTech Services is licensed, insured and experienced to handle the clean up services. We are compassionate and discreet and we are able to work directly with your insurance company to minimize your out of pocket expenses.

When a homicide occurs, the area should be cleaned and sanitized professionally. Blood and/or bodily fluids can contain blood-borne pathogens that, when left, can potentially continue to spread odors and disease. For our own safety and the safety of your family or staff, our homicide cleanup teams follow OSHA regulations and wear custom fitted personal protective safety gear. We are trained and experienced and only use proprietary cleaning, disinfection and deodorizing chemicals. We follow a strict protocol that prevents cross-contamination. If you need help with a cleanup after a homicide or violent crime we’re here for you 24-hours a day. Call us at (719) 201-2726.

Can I perform homicide cleanup services on my own?

Homicide cleanup services and Forensic clean up can be a complicated task. In addition to blood, tissue or other body fluids, there may be other damage to the property, such as tear gas contamination, fingerprint dust and other chemicals left behind by crime scene investigators or law enforcement. Call us at (719) 201-2726.

Property damage as a result of a violent crime or homicide?

Blood and body fluids can seep or be absorbed into flooring, wallboard and furniture. Tear gas doesn’t dissipate after time, it needs to be properly neutralized and cleaned as it give off toxic fumes that cause lung damage. Luminol is a chemical that investigators spray on an area to locate traces of blood. Sticky fingerprinting dust can work its way into your carpets and furniture. These substances may stain or leave a residue that’s very difficult to remove. The cleanup process is very involved and cleaning up all these potentially toxic chemicals is best left to a highly trained and experienced crime scene cleanup company. CrimeTech Services has a team of forensic clean up technicians, who can safely and knowledgeably restore your home or office building to a safe and livable space.

Homicide clean up may seem overwhelming, but our Crime Scene Clean-Up professionals are here to help! We are available 24-hours a day, we respond quickly, We will give you a written proposal and take the time to answer all of your questions. Once the remediation is complete, we will provide you a Certificate of Treatment if needed for future home sale. Call us 24-hours a day at (719) 201-2726.

We have helped hundreds of families and businesses with suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, decomposition cleanup, hoarding cleanup, tear gas cleanup and so much more.